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Expert Credentials

Precision Nutritionist, Certified Montessori School Teacher Entrepreneur / Executive Food, Beverage and Supplement formulator


From Wendi’s diverse and extensive experience in fitness, medicine, physics, holistic nutrition, cultural health, genetics, ethnobotany, nutrigenomics, and biochemistry comes a synergistic wellness approach unlike any other in the industry. Her ability to seamlessly merge physical, mental and emotional health utilizing both ancient traditions with future health systems offers achievable transformation for even the most challenging situations and demographics. Wendi has spent over two decades specializing in crafting individualized health solutions that build strong bodies, optimize career performance and limit the potential for physical, mental and emotional health obstacles. Wendi is the founder and CEO of The Next Generation Athlete, a peak performance program program for Business and Professional Athletes; Good Job, Body, a health and emotional intelligence curriculum for children ages 3 and up and Product Innovator / Brand Partner for several of her own food, beverage, supplement brands. Wendi is passionate about supporting the next generation and shifting health and wellness in their favor. Her knowledge is beyond the well over 15,000 hours of research and study. Her relatability and authentic delivery is a direct result of her own personal health hardship. When she was faced with a life-threatening illness that offered no solution other than a few months to live, she saw first hand the gaps in the industry. She is adamant about creating the necessary solutions on both sides of the equation, for consumers and industry. She teaches inner-city communities how to shop and eat on a budget and is working to improve school and hospital food programs.

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