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Hi, I am Vivien and as you may see from my profile picture, I am a Gen Xer. I am an advocate of lifelong learning and much of my experiences and knowledge stems from learning from books, hard-knock mistakes made, mentorship from fellow practitioners and clients. I often joked that I have a Ph.D. from the University of Hard Knock and the society of the real world. I chanced upon my first career in the early 80s when MNCs in Singapore started to host employee engagement events and that basically started my career in the world of event planning and pick up valuable skills like creativity, people management, working under pressure, problem-solving, business development Events have brought me to Brunei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, China, Malaysia, Indonesia to host regional conferences, summits, team building and technology forums. After managing events as an employee, I decided to become an entrepreneur but unfortunately, the stint didn't last long and I paid a hefty price and as such, I had to rethink of everything and it led me to marry what I know best with technology and that led me to what I do today as a virtual content creator and to prepare my self for the future skillset, I took up online and offline courses on Big Data, Prescriptive Data Analytics, Python, Coding. With COVID 19 turning the world upside down, opportunities pour in with requests to coach my clients on transiting from live events to offline events.

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