Victoria Bennett

Principal at Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Ltd

Expert Credentials

National Crowdfunding and Fintech Ambassador
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing


Strategic Marketing Consultant and Crowdfunding Coach Victoria ran her first successful crowdfund campaign over six years ago, a long time in crowdfunding years. A strategic marketer by training, recently accepted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, she has worked on many major brands including Tide/Ariel, Pampers, ENMAX and TD. She has used her skills as a marketer, to identify the solution the product or service provides, the target market, the so-what, and to communicate clearly, effectively and consistently to the crowd; all skills vital to crowdfunding. She has run successful campaigns in Canada and in Europe and her team is currently consulting for a number of Canadian equity and rewards crowdfund campaigns, and has spoken at the Global Crowdfunding Conference on women in crowdfunding. Victoria loves the democratization of capital that comes with crowdfunding, allowing businesses access to capital, and allowing the population access to invest in private companies. As an Ambassador for the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association, she has sought to raise awareness of crowdfunding. Working with the Impact Hub in Calgary she is launching The Crowdfunding Hub to provide education and self service tools for all types of crowdfunding, from donations and rewards to equity.

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