Veronica Karas

President & Founder at Money Matters

Expert Credentials

Certified financial planner, author of the book “money matters: everything you should have learned in school, but didn’t” , and advocate for financial literacy programs around the country.



Veronica Karas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL(TM) with over a decade of experience in the industry. She has worked with ultra-high-net worth individuals, individuals with overwhelming debt, individuals who never had money and are suddenly inheriting a boat load, and everyone in-between. Veronica has a deep-seeded passion for helping people make sound financial decisions and become financially independent. She is an expert in all aspects of financial planning including - debt management, credit building, estate planning, education planning, retirement planning, insurance, and tax planning. Veronica is a loved advisor, author, and advocate for financial literacy programs across the United States

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