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INTERESTING FACTS #1Amazon Bestseller: Author, ACT2: Your Show Must Go On Host, The World Class Mentors, CEO, KDDMWorX, TXFILMWORX, Founder: City Speaks (Non-Profit) Interesting Facts: • Appointed Former President George H. W. Bush Personal Computer Trainer and managed the transition team. • Regional Director, Public Speakers Association • Bilingual Hispanic family in Texas since the mid-1600s. Mother of 7, Grandmother of 11 • Created a supportive and loving family regardless of race, divorce, and transgender transition. • Raised on a Texas Superfund site: (40 acres of DDT) • 50-mile swimmer (Red Cross Certified) • Designed and managed events for 7 Texas Spring Breaks • Built 7 figure Microsoft Partner company. MSU, Inc. spoke as Microsoft Technical Evangelist, contracted at Major Energy Corporations for 8 years, Chief of Staff, Global IT (SAP Division) Hewlett Packard. • First H1N1 victim in Houston, Lost lung and collapsed trachea.


Toni Muñoz Kaufman was born and raised in Mission, TX and is known for her television production, casting, and entrepreneurial ventures. She is the host of the popular TV Show and Podcast, The World Class Mentors. designed to highlight and honor the powerful influence of mentors in people from all walks of life. Toni had the honor of being on the presidential transition team to bring home Former President George H.W. Bush and served as his personal technology instructor and staff support manager. Toni presented and was known as a technical evangelist for Microsoft products. And she was honored as Top 10 Women in Computing. Accomplished and Brilliant Toni Kaufman’s #1 bestselling book: Act 2: Your Show Must Go On (The Baby Boomer Edition) speaks of how her book is addressing an alarming issue for displaced baby boomers. With layoffs prevalent and no idea what to do next, but with a need to continue making a living, Toni’s book and courses provide the guidance sorely needed to help baby boomers prepare for the 2nd Act of their lives. Toni’s productions (in English and Spanish) are famous for her discovery of international talent and beauty across the televised game show industry. She is a well-known corporate and marketing professional with extensive experience in communications. She has a rich background within a variety of industries and an experienced executive at management levels.

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