Tom Lewis

Coworking Expert at Cowork Inc Ltd

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Expert Credentials

UK coworking operator since 2011, consultant on a number of coworking projects. Coworking and the future of work drives me as a vocation and I'm extremely passionate about my mission- though my personal style is conversational, approachable and at times irreverant.


In 2011. newly arrived in the city I built Bath's first coworking hub, across 3500 sqft of historical space- with zero personal network and zero experience of any kind, winning a £500,000 grant along the way. By 2020 The Guild was an award winning space, with over 200 members and was a cornerstone of the local tech and creative community. And then Covid hit us and we lost 75% of our revenue overnight. now we're fast reinventing ourselves and trying to figure out what the next chapter of coworking will look like on the other side.

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