Tara Alemany

Founder/Co-Owner at Emerald Lake Books

  • Publishing
  • Book Marketing
  • Building Your Business with a Book
  • Lead Generation

Expert Credentials

Multi-award-winning author of seven books. Member of International Book Publishers Association. Partner Member of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.


Tara Alemany is a multi-award-winning author of seven books. She is also a speaker, business consultant and publisher, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Although she’s started many businesses during her career, her favorite by far is Emerald Lake Books, which she co-owns with her best friend, Mark Gerber. This hybrid publishing company specializes in working with positive people who have an engaging, exciting or entertaining message to share with the world. Tara’s latest award-winning book, Publish with Purpose, reveals the unique process developed by Emerald Lake Books to help their authors set and attain their own goals.