Suzy Dickstein

Creator of the “Rave-Worthy Business Blueprint™” at The Rave-Worthy Business

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Build a Life and Business Worth Raving About


Some people call Suzy "Niche Bitch" (in a joking manner) and others call her the answer to their prayers, but one's thing for sure - she's helped a lot of people figure out how truly gifted they are and turn that into a business they want to shout about from the rooftops (aka social media, podcasts, stages). But her ability to do so doesn’t come from launching multi-million dollar companies. She's quit more ideas than she's gone after. "Miss Potential" didn't get the chutzpah (courage) to really go for it until her late 40s. But after way helping too many business people for free for decades, she finally uncovered a simple idea that has helped her transform her clients' "good" business ideas into rave-worthy ones. She also spends a lot of time bicycling around the warmest place in Canada she could find - beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, when she’s not reading books, fumbling in ballet classes, or checking out the coolest innovations.