Susan Boles

Founder & Virtual CFO at ScaleSpark

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Expert Credentials

Susan has over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant and I've built and run 4 of my own businesses. She's built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies.

As a CFO for high growth companies and major universities, Susan's managed annual budgets of $100M+ and departments of 370+ people.

Susan also hosts the Break the Ceiling podcast, the show that helps agencies & consultants bust through self-imposed growth ceilings by shirring up their operations and increasing their capacity.


Susan Boles is a Virtual CFO & Operations Advisor for agencies, consultants & coaches at ScaleSpark. ScaleSpark is a consulting agency offering virtual CFO, bookkeeping & operations advisory services to agencies, consultants & coaches. ScaleSpark focuses on helping businesses get clear on their numbers and truly understand their inner workings at a deeper level so they can make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic. Susan has over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant and she's on a mission to help founders build sustainable, resilient businesses. She's also the host of the Break the Ceiling podcast, the show that breaks down unconventional strategies you can use to save time, boost your profit, and increase your operational capacity.

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