Stefan Frisch

CEO at Marketing macht Frisch!

  • guerilla marketing
  • disruptive marketing
  • disruptive thinking
  • business innovation

Expert Credentials

I am working as a speaker on disruptive ideas in marketing and business and business creativity for 20 years now. I spoke to far more than 5000 people, had lectures at universities and did trainings with top 500 companies. 3 books, countless articles... All speaches in german or english!


I grew up and got older and whiter and wiser. (That was the short one...) When I was 5 years old, I already started my first business: Selling coke at the beach of the lake garda in italy where my parents spent holidays every year. I baught the bottles at the camping site for 100 Lira and sold them at the beach for 200 Lira... And so came business after business, self-employed ever since. I wrote three books, countless articles in newspapers and magazines and always had a faible for the weird, creative and innovative. This is why I specialised in disruptive thinking in marketing and business and business creativity.