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I am a 40+ year geek girl, a 25-year clinical therapist, and a 13+ year public health professional. I am a technology "therapist", aka a productivity coach who also happens to be a clinical therapist. I am in Kansas City Missouri. I serve entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, healers, wellness professionals, and businesses to increase their productivity by using the right technology tools to fit them and also help them produce online "conferences" (aka Summits, virtual events).


Professionals hire me to leverage automation. Because most are wasting time tasking manually, have hectic work habits, & key details are falling through the cracks. So I help them with systems, processes, & cutting-edge technology so they can get out there & create more content, work with more clients, & take well-deserved self-care time. Bottom line, you gotta automate to liberate™. Founder of the Passport2Productivity™ 5 Day FREE Productivity Challenge held at Entrepreneurs hire me to produce online summits/conferences to increase their reach, add leads to their businesses, and advance their message. Because most do not want to deal with the technology needed to produce the event, don't have time for the details, or just want to hire someone with experience to produce it for them. So I use cutting edge technology, a high-level production staff, and collaborative connections to produce an online summit for them. Bottom line, to have a professional online virtual summit/conference, Done for you Summits™ is your best producer at

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