Skywalker Payne

Founder at Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions, LLC

  • storytelling
  • healing
  • energy healing
  • personal development
  • creativitiy
  • spirituality
  • gratitude
  • Reiki
  • women of color
  • Poetry
  • Buddhism
  • Black history
  • the Underground Raiload

Expert Credentials

I am a storytelling energy healer, author, podcaster, Youtube artist, and founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions, LLC. Our mission is to help you heal your story to create an abundant, fulfilling, and generous life. I earned a degree in oral storytelling, and was also a registered nurse. As a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist, my energy healing training includes yoga, QiGong, mindfulness, meditation, mantra, visualization, and Reiki.


An only child with 7 siblings, I was a gypsy the first five decades of my life. I married Brian Payne, a comic artist from Iowa, in the Buddhist Center in Denver where I took refuge. In a fit of a mid-life crisis, I became a registered nurse. We traveled west and I helped deliver babies in the Navajo and Hopi nations in Arizona. Now, I live in the small, rural hamlet by the sea, Homer, Alaska. Here I've produced storytelling programs, interfaith events, and taught storytelling and mindfulness.

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