Shona Ann Hill

Creator & Co Director at Conscious Living Global Ltd

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  • The Spirit of Influence
  • Divine Balance
  • Super Powers
  • Super Natural Healing
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • All Things Universe/God

Expert Credentials

Expert from The University of Life .... and more!!!!


I am a girl from Chester, UK who has always had a deep caring for humanity ... Indeed as a youngster I was either playing doctors and nurses, or placing my hands on my toys saying I was healing them ... In a way I have always seen the duality of the space ... the two sides and recognizing that the wisdom and authentic truth is in the middle and helped by many beings seen and unseen in the space. This has been the basis of my journey here. In order to understand what humanity needs to restore from I have had many experiences, mostly around abuse. Sexual abuse as a child, domestic violence in married life and varying degrees of bullying on a physical and energetic level. I have also had many miraculous happenings too showing the other side of the coin. All these things I have moved to understand and overcome. With the overcoming and understanding from ALL angles I have connected with a deep wisdom that allows me to be a guide to ALL who are ready to find their TRUTH and PURPOSE in this world ... I look forward to sharing many adventures with YOU on this ride to earthly divine balance ... The world we all wish to see and BE a part of.