Shaneh Woods

Number Tamer at Prosperity First

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Expert Credentials

Profit First Professional, Fix This Next Coach, Breathwork Certified


I’m Shaneh Woods – I’m a Prosperity Guide for spiritual and creative entrepreneurs who are hiding from their numbers. In unprecedented times I have decided to double down on alignment and authenticity. My 3 E's, my old brand, has been a guiding light for several years. They have been the filter in which all communications have gone thru. Encourage, Educate, and Empower - absolutely beautiful and not nearly enough. In the midst of a pandemic - I am bringing Prosperity to the forefront - Prosperity First is my signature program and the sword I am going to live or die on. Dramatic Much? Yes, yes I am! Living in alignment with the truth and tactics I teach in my program feels so expansive in a world being contracted by fear and scarcity. I am choosing to live into the hope and opportunity that focusing on Prosperity brings me and I look forward to seeing you and yours thrive along the same journey.

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