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As your social media speaker, I help audiences harness the collective insights of the community they are in. We share our experience with social media, and learn tips and tricks by crowdsourcing your insights and mine. Hiring me in to speak means bringing in an infectious amount of energy to your organization. I am a believer in learning through laughter and have spent the last decade doing storytelling, stand-up comedy, improv, magic, teaching, and facilitating. My informative and fun presentations are a memorable way to learn how to leverage the power of social media.


My social media journey started in high school when my online reality competition shows needed an online hub for our activities. I ran that hub (a.k.a. Myspace group) like I run social media accounts today. It was early social media skills long before the term was even really coined. My first business was a bake sale fundraiser when I was 17. After raising $2200 for my favorite charity, I am at it again. Now I put my teaching degree to good use as a social media sherpa, motivational math tutor, facilitator, and public speaker. I am a first-generation Moroccan-Iranian, lover of cheesy ice-breakers, a fan of iPads in education, someone who encourages/facilitates dialogue and debates, a Twitter networker, a poker lover, a bubble tea aficionado, a sequins enthusiast, an attendee TEDx and TED-like events, and open about sharing my Jewish identity with others.

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