Saskia Bader

  • software accessibility
  • blogging
  • technology
  • virtual reality
  • online media
  • Personal Development

Expert Credentials

I have given conference talks and live radio interviews about web/software/game accessibility (re:publica 2017, DevCom Cologne 2018, Dev Day Dresden 2018, EnterJS...), spoke on the main stage of a local convention about my (German-speaking) book about "personal development for geeks and gamers", work as a web dev since 2013 and run my tech and gaming blog on the side with 250+ published articles which I have written myself.


I'm Saskia Bader, a 29 years old web developer, tech/games content creator, self-published author and tech accessibility advocate / conference speaker from Germany. I have a visual impairment but want to encourage people to find solution to work past such limitations.

Available For

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