Sara Sabin

Start-Up Founder, Leadership & Business Coach, Speaker, Writer

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Expert Credentials

Speaker & Masterclass Facilitator (example organisations: CIMA, CIPFA, Indaba Yoga), Entrepreneur & Start Up Founder, Certified Transformative Coach, Accredited Neuroscience for Professional Development, Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Helps high achievers to find their "P" Purpose, discover their unique leadership style, and grow their businesses.


Sara is a qualified accountant, former founder & CEO of two start-ups and an international transformative leadership and business coach, with a combined 15 years corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Having been through many transformations herself over the years, it wasn’t until the most recent transformation that she really cracked it! With her personal flair and insights into leadership, Sara inspires purpose and drives action from her audience. She wants to change the business landscape, by inspiring a new generation of purpose driven leaders. She wants aspiring leaders to take responsibility and step into their power as a leader NOW and for established leaders to see leadership in a different way. It’s time for an old style of leadership to consider an alternative, more emotionally intelligent alternative, that is more suited to an agile, fast changing work environment. If you want to grow as a business exponentially, it's time to go within, and look at how you can play your part in that. Her talks and masterclasses focus on discovering your identity and strengths as a leader, and stepping into a unique style of leadership, wherever you are in your career or business. Sara did not always believe her vision was possible. She saw things being done in a certain way, and believed that she had to fit in. One of the biggest turning points for her was closing her tech start-up, she had built for over two years, which was on the brink of a large investment. After battling near burnout, anxiety and depression, from her ‘always on’ mentality, common in start-ups, she finally saw the light. Her mission is to challenge the status quo and represent a new way of leading, that could work even better than the current system.

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