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Expert Credentials

I have been initiated by Gurumatha Amma through direct transmission in the practice of Jeevana Dharma Yoga ("Yoga Through Life" - as opposed to a monastic "Sannyasa" yogic training). I help people understand and practice transcendental meditation, chakra meditation, mindfulness meditation and traditional Hatha Yoga techniques (Yoga postures). My scholar education is comprised of a Masters in Hypermedia-Multimedia (Paris, France), a Bachelor in Business administration, Marketing (Munich, Germany) and a Diploma in Environmental Sciences (Montreal, Canada).


I am the founder of the online community platform, offering meditation instruction and practice with the help of weekly live webinars. We also produce gorgeous "Mind Movies" which we use as a tool to create impressions on the subconscious mind with the objective to achieve personal and financial goals. As a direct disciple of Gurumatha Amma, a spiritual guide located in Bangalore, South of India, I manage her online community, organize retreats, facilitate monthly live podcasts and hold weekly webinars that are transmitted live from Montreal and from the ashram in India at

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