Sabrina Cadini

Founder at Sabrina Cadini Coaching

  • holistic life coaching
  • life coaching
  • life-work balance
  • work-life balance
  • well-being
  • productivity
  • biohacking
  • neuroscience
  • positive psychology
  • mindfulness

Expert Credentials

Holistic Life Coach (2013) - Brain Fitness Coach (2018)


I'm a certified Holistic Life Coach, Brain Fitness Coach, and Life-Work Balance Strategist for busy professionals. I blend well-being principles with neuroscience, positive psychology, biohacking, and mindfulness techniques to implement effective behavior changes. My coaching style uses a holistic approach by focusing on my clients as a whole, and it’s completely customized. I help them get rid of unhealthy habits and a negative mindset to get unstuck, and I challenge them to explore fresh perspectives and find new paths that can lead to motivation and transformation. They are then able to reignite their passions and purposes, and achieve their goals better and faster thanks to improved nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, and stress management. These elements are all necessary for an optimized body and brain and they will lead to higher energy, focus, happiness, creativity, positivity, productivity, success.


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