Robin Good

Content Curation Expert - Information Designer - Digital Tools Expert at Luigi Canali De Rossi

  • Curation
  • Content Marketing
  • Value Creation
  • Information Design
  • Digital Tools

Expert Credentials

Pioneer / explorer of new strategies to communicate, market and learn through digital media since 2000. Specializes in value creation and community building through content curation. Cited in over 100 books.


Robin Good is a pioneer in exploring, practicing and sharing new strategies, tools and methods to communicate effectively on digital media. He specializes in value creation, niche positioning, community building and relationship marketing. He is an outstanding speaker, capable of engaging the audience and keeping their attention high for extended periods of time. Has lots of energy, presents high-quality content with unique insights and designs visual presentations. Robin Good has written over 3500 articles on communication and digital media, is the author of the book “da Brand a Friend” (ROI Edizioni 2017) which outlines his unique approach to develop new customer-centered businesses online through relationship marketing and value sharing. He is also the author of the homonymous podcast and the publisher of T5, a hand-picked digital catalog of free (or quasi free) outstanding tools for online communication professionals.