Rebecca Roberts

Coach | Speaker | Spacemaker at Inner Architecture

  • Personal Development
  • Mindset
  • Resilience
  • Overcoming Limitations
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Pattern Interruption
  • Conscious Leadership
  • spacemaking

Expert Credentials

Rebecca has 10+ years of experience working and consulting for some of the world's top design companies such as Gensler and Vitra. Originally from deep south Louisiana, she's lived and traveled around the world, giving her a unique view into cultural and social influences across many countries. She now is based in Switzerland and, since 2013, focuses her energy and time coaching and speaking with teams and individuals to create 2D concepts and bring them into 3D reality.


Rebecca is a creative force for change. A natural storyteller, coach and interior architect, she has worked with individuals and companies across the globe in a variety of sectors facilitating team transformation and cultural change. Fueled by curiosity and her own drive for clarity, she shares hard-hitting, evidenced-based insights with lightness and humour, connecting deeply and playfully with her audiences. Her 10+ years of experience as an Interior Architect and Design Consultant have shaped her ability to create vivid mental images through storytelling that support easy comprehension and quick integration for audiences, bringing 2D concepts into 3D reality. Whether 1-on-1, in workshops or in front of a full house, Rebecca's driver is to plant the seeds for true engagement and meaningful impact in life. With her lightness, clarity and contagious curiosity, she has the spark for lighting up a space, pouring her energy and gifts unhindered out into the world.

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