Rama Krishna

Founder at The Unshakeable Resilience

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  • courage
  • limiting beliefs
  • meditation
  • mindset
  • inspired action
  • alignment
  • affirmations
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Expert Credentials

A former IT consultant turned Life Explorer.


In an increasingly chaotic world, our only choice is tap into our silence. I went on to a spiritual journey to discover the deep peace & clarity. And now I will help with others journey. I will help people on how to be an early bird, meditate, act mindfully, tap into stillness, and take control over their life. So far, co-creator of couple programs on personal development; collaborated with experts in the industry. That's how 'Breaking Ground' and 'The Unshakeable Resilience' came live. In a nutshell, am playing role of a bridge between people who shape this world and who needs help. If you would like to connect, to know more; contact me either by eMail or shoot message on facebook.



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