Rachael Rose

CEO/Founder at Hedonish

Expert Credentials

Sexuality educator and creator of the award-winning sex education blog Hedonish.com


Rachael Rose (she/her) is queer, polyamorous, chronically ill and disabled sex educator, graphic designer, and speaker whose work focuses on an inclusive, sex-positive, and pleasure-focused approach to sexual health and the intersections of chronic illness, disability, and sex. In addition to presenting about sexuality nationally and internationally, she is the creator of the award-winning blog Hedonish and the co-creator of Glittergasm Events, an event company that hosts inclusive and accessible sex-positive play parties. You can learn more about her sex education work at hedonish.com or follow her on Twitter @hedonish. To learn more about Glittergasm Events, visit glittergasmevents.com, and you can learn more about her graphic design work at geneticlemon.com.

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