Mina Okpi

Founder | Life Activist at Black Outdoor Adventurers

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Expert Credentials

I've spoken at various events including for Wework HQ and Meetup HQ. Recently featured on the Tourpreneur and Toughgirl podcasts as an avid adventurer and business operator. I'm also a professor, former engineer and tech enthusiast and can speak on a number of topics.


I consider myself an avid adventurer, traveler, small business owner (tour operator), community manager and a motivational speaker. And I'm excited to share the knowledge I've learned along this journey with you. I am the founder and Community Manager for Black Outdoor Adventurers and our mission is to expose black & brown people to the healing power of nature & the outdoors, enrich lives, create community, care for Gaia and take part in some kick-ass adventures! Community is one of the most important things and consider myself a life activist because want to us to challenge one another to live life outside the box. It’s that simple! A few years ago I noticed a consistent pattern of very few black and brown people outside. It pained me so much so that I decided to create Black Outdoor Adventurers in October of 2015, to bring diverse people outdoors.

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