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Mike Weiss has​ spent more than 30 years ​consulting and managing thousands of "C" level executives relationships and accounts. He's personal raised more than $100,000,000​. Additionally, Mike Co-founded (and later sold) GreenTrack, a leading financial and tax reporting company that was responsible for tracking more than $26 Billion in assets. From Finances to Digital, ​in the early 2000s, ​Mike transitioned to a career in Digital Marketing and, Co-founded (and later was bought out) NeuroGym. In less than 16 months, the company went from $100,000 per year to more than $2,000,000 acquiring over 7,000 customers in 80 countries. In 2012, Mike was chosen top four (out of four-hundred) for Infusionsoft's, "Marketer of the Year." Mike recognized early on in the financial industry​ and later in the digital world​ that customer education and results were the keys to success. Mike is the founder of Client Engagement Academy​ and has become recognized as one of the "Top Guns" in Digital Education and Technology with a specialization in client engagement, e-learning,​ membership sites, certification programs, ​digital badging and gamification.​ He's also built best-in-class coaching and consulting software that allows companies to scale while creating better client results.

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