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The leader authority on digital education. We consult, design, build, manage and run membership sites and online education platforms. We manage all thing educational from coaching programs, to live events and masterminds through our custom-built client platforms.


Client Engagement Academy transforms businesses by giving them a clear, proven strategy for creating engaging, viral, and profitable courses which get their client's amazing outcomes. (Which causes clients to come back for more.) Clients Include: Ryan Deiss / Digital Marketer HQ GKIC Agora Financial Wicked Reports Jason Hornung Elevation Institute Brian Tracy PPC Entourage And more… We use a variety of online tools to get our clients results, including Infusionsoft, Wordpress, Memberium, and WPFusion… plus our unique PEP SYSTEM™ and 11 SUCCESS ACTIVATORS. What we do: Deliver a powerful and PROVEN strategy designed to create maximum profit in minimum time while also creating incredible outcomes for your clients Build your courses (or membership sites) so there’s maximum engagement and minimum Learner Friction (the tech works seamlessly because it’s all tested to work together without problems) Host courses for long-term optimization and reporting Teach our unique PEP SYSTEM strategy to entrepreneurs at conferences and in our Profit & Engagement Mastery Course ➨➨ Please visit www.clientengagementacademy.com to get a free pass to my Case Study Presentation, “The 5 Reasons Your Courses or Membership Sites Aren't Earning You $1MM… $2MM… or $10MM this Year”, to learn the steps anyone can take to create passive, scalable income through courses. ☎ For a free, no-obligation consultation call about how to maximize the impact of a course or membership site on your business bottom line, call Mike Weiss at 646-389-7389 or email [email protected]

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