Michael Ginsburg

Founder & 'Chief Hacker' at Spending Hacker

Expert Credentials

Consumer advocate and professional bargain hunter. My expertise is in teaching people how to find the best deals on anything. Have spoken several times in conferences and to the media in Australia


After working as an IT and management consultant, Michael decided it was time to combine his expertise and decades of experience in ‘bargain hunting’ with his research skills to help other Aussies get a better deal and combat the rising cost of living and especially the ‘Australia Tax’. He created Spending Hacker as a reference resource for Australians on how and where to find the best deals for everyday products and services we all need and use. Nowadays, Spending Hacker is showing thousands of Aussies that: 1. You don’t have to pay top dollar in order to get top quality; and 2. Cheapest in absolute dollar terms doesn’t always equal best value.

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