Michael Brandt

Founder & Senior Consultant at CX-Excellence.com

  • Customer Experience
  • Voice of Customer
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Complaint Management

Expert Credentials

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Certified Quality Manager (DGQ), NPS2 Certified 25 years hands-on customer-facing management experience with a global multinationational


Michael is a CX Strategist with many years’ experience implementing CX programs in global multi-cultural organizations. With over 25 years’ activity in B2B customer-facing operations, Michael now assists B2B companies with their CX strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, VoC programmes and complaint management processes. From 2012-2020 he was responsible for Process Excellence in Customer Care across the ABB Group’s worldwide network. Apart from being a Certified Customer Experience Professional, Michael also has qualifications in Lean 6 Sigma, Quality Management, NPS 2, and Risk Management. He studied Business Economics at the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Michael founded CX-Excellence.com in 2020 and is based near Lugano, Switzerland. He is also a founder member of the European Customer Experience Organization.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
  • Training