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Video marketing strategist, creator of the Videos that Sell System and Founder of Expert Channel TV


Melanie Falvey is a Video Strategist and the founder of Expert Channel TV.  Overcoming her own fear of being in front of the camera helped Melanie understand how to help others dealing with the same fears and insecurities, and enable them to show up on screen confidently and professionally.  She now teaches people how to leverage the power of video to grow successful businesses as well as learn how to use video to build their personal brand and influence. She founded Expert Channel TV as a response to all the misinformation around the internet and to offer viewers the best curated content available and the most accurate and reliable information. Expert Channel TV hosts online conferences, summits and shows for International Speakers, Leaders, Experts and Institutions.  It also houses a membership focused on Authority building where members learn how to maximise their personal brand , influence and online presence. For further information, you can connect to Melanie Falvey: TOPICS: Melanie likes to meet her audience where they are at and create bespoke talks for events. Some of the topics she has delivered include: -How to build a personal  brand using video. -How to grow a business fast using video. -How becoming confident on video will improve your life. -How to design a high-selling video strategy. -How to grow your authority and influence. -How to get people to notice your business in a saturated marketplace. -How to livestream effectively. -What it takes to become a  leader in your field.  -How to leverage the power of video  to get more speaking gigs. -How to grow a business using just your phone. -Authority building: what? why? how? These are just a few topics, please get in touch about your event.

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