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As a Co-Founder of High-Performing Coach, we have built a $1M+ online coaching business where we grew 300% during COVID-19 Lockdown.


5-years into my soulless Corporate Banking career, I take a good look at my boss, my boss’ boss, my boss’ boss’ boss and two things hit me: #1 I don’t want any of their jobs, & #2 This was always Plan B. So what the hell am I still doing here?! The truth was, I was afraid to really go for Plan A. Afraid I wouldn’t make it. Then I asked myself, “What do I actually want?!”. … and I reminded myself of Plan A. Plan A was always - to have my own business where I can travel whenever I want and make a huge and real impact in people’s lives. So I quit my job, left Australia and moved to Toronto, Canada. Fast forward 2 years, sleeping on couches, selling my Bose Bluetooth speakers to pay for rent and about 13 different niches later... I am now helping Coaches live their Plan A in a powerful and badass way - and I love it! We help Passionate Coaches become Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs!

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