Matthew Moody

Grand Master and Founder at League of Extraordinary Investors

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Expert Credentials

Matthew Moody has been in the property and business space since 1995 and runs ‘League of Extraordinary Investors’ where he helps busy entrepreneurs invest in high-yielding properties in their spare time through his global professional investment community and mastermind.


A few interesting facts about Matthew * property investment career 17 years January 2020 * £3.5 million portfolio generating over £100k annually * Business career 25 years with two six figure sales * Sourced, acquired and controlled £16.5 million pounds worth of property between 2010-2011 * Built a 5 office 9 county national network of HMO letting agents managing nearly 1,000 units of inventory * Won ‘Lettings Agent of the Year’ in first year of business * Sold Lease Option portfolio for six figures * Sourced £25 million pounds worth of discounted stock (average 18%) in UK, Europe and USA * Genuinely shared and spoken on stage with Robert Allen, Jack Canfield and Joseph McClendon III (Tony Robbins chief trainer) * Trained thousands of investors in building a HMO & R2R property empire * Ran biggest HMO & R2R training events in UK (verified 421 participants) * Consulted with numerous high profile property experts and training companies to numerous to mention * Has been identified as ‘brain of britain’ when it comes to uncovering hidden income opportunities within portfolios * Largest annual saving discovered in one hour £44,000 and largest annual income uplift of £105,000 in 15 minutes * Received 5/5 for content and 5/5 for value with 4/5 clients stating that their knowledge, confidence and understanding of their property business increased after my trainings * 76% success rate with high end mentoring clients achieving their goals at end of programme