Matthew Hunt

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sales, linkedin, social media marketing, ppc, seo, local, funnels


I used to be an ashamed introverted dyslexic, but have turned myself into a successful extroverted dyslexic entrepreneur. (some things you can't fix) 😜 I started out in life struggling but extremely blessed to have some incredible mentors & teachers who helped me find my full potential. Through baby steps, I went from being a stuttering introvert who struggled with reading & writing to an extrovert who performed on stages around the world. That newfound confidence led me to become an entrepreneur, a marketing junkie, & a sales expert. I've built 3 B2B profitable companies in the last 12 years all built on the back of smart marketing & sales. I'm honoured that 100s of companies (large & small) have hired me to help them implement my marketing & sales strategies. To name a few, I've worked with RE/MAX, Valvoline, FedEx, Chef's Plate, League & TouchBistro. My expertise is SEM, SEO, CRO, PPC, Funnel Optimization, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Automation & Sales. If I can do it, I believe you can do it too! I am on a mission to help more entrepreneurs like me succeed. I believe entrepreneurs change the world & the more successes there are the better our world will be. Currently, I am working on 3 things: 1. Building a new B2B AI-powered lead generation company (in beta). It helps consultants & agencies automate sales prospecting through AI technology, so they can have more time back to focus on high-level sales activities like closing sales. Checkout: 2. Helping businesses and professionals get the perfect profile photo through A/B split testing. Checkout: 3. Building a community for entrepreneurs who want to swipe my (SOPs) Standard Operating Procedures. (Coming public beta!) I love working, I love creating, I love teaching, & I love speaking on stage. What I am most proud of: - I care about people - I am curious - I'm a forever student - I'm grateful

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