Marsha McDonald

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Expert Credentials

Professional Architectural Designer, Creative Entrepreneur, Advocate for Diversity in Design Arts & Architecture and Cultural Collaboration; Corporate Speaker & Trainer in the area of Social Media for Creative Businesses


Marsha McDonald is CEO of Seacrest Designs, Inc. and is the principal designer. Seacrest Designs is a luxury design studio with a focus on innovation, wellness and livability. Trained in architecture, Marsha has completed a professional Master of Architecture degree at Florida International University and a pre-doctoral master’s degree with a focus on Culture & Community in Architecture. Marsha has over twenty years’ experience in architecture, interior design and furniture manufacturing industries as well as in the field of education as a professor teaching Design studio and graphic arts. Her design style is a Tropical inspired, modern organic styling filled with classic notes. With a love for architecture & design, Marsha has sought community engagement to increase understanding and representation in these fields. She has partnered with several non-profits to create and produce events, workshops and seminars to offer design arts programming and professional development opportunities for young creatives. She produces Diversity in Design Arts & Architecture, an annual event for established and aspiring creative professionals such as architects, designers and artists. She is the co-creator and co-producer and Cultural Director of the Caribbean Culinary Museum & Theatre, a part of “Island Imprint”, a pop-up multi-location exhibition throughout Broward County for 2018-2020. She also operates an online training studio, Professional Presence Online, to teach aspiring and creative entrepreneurs how to establish and maintain an online presence. Key themes are Creative Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Cultural Collaborations and Professional Women at Work.

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