Leiry Seron

Founder at Cerro de Plata

  • innovation
  • remote communities
  • remote
  • communities at risk
  • resilience
  • design thinking
  • rebel ideas
  • digital nomads
  • rural areas
  • arctic
  • iceland
  • co-create
  • community
  • design
  • developer
  • community developer

Expert Credentials

Identity designer bringing creative sustainability and innovation to remote communities through innovation and design.



Leiry was born in Honduras, Central America where she lived for 23 years developing documentaries and platforms to explore and empower the identity of the different residents of the city she lived in, Tegucigalpa. After graduating with a Visual Communication and Graphic Design degree , she decided to move to Iceland where she has lived for the last 5 years. While living in the remote West Fjords of Iceland, she discovered an interest for remote communities that could be developed through design and innovation. She currently lives in Thingeyri, where she works as a designer rethinking the way we work and promoting the value that remote communities bring that cities can no longer provide.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
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