Leah McCulloch

Founder at Power Brain Secrets/ Survival Garden

Expert Credentials

Through twenty five years in the nutrition and health field doing diverse projects such as healthy pregnancy outreach and working in Canada's poorest neighbourhood, corporate health with top companies, being media spokesperson for a Dietetic Association and major corporations, working front line in acute care hospitals, and developing region wide smoking cessation programs for acute hospitals serving millions of patients, I have worked in an experienced the nutrition and health field from top to bottom. I have a keen interest in programs that save time, money, and lives; and I love to work with people to be healthy, happy and whole. My current focus is on brain health and also growing your own food to be self sustainable. I can speak on most things nutrition related but I would be very excited to speak on brain health, brain performance, brain health and business, eating well to boost performance as an entrepreneur, etc.



Leah McCulloch has spent her life helping people be healthy and thrive. She is a keen advocate of preventive nutrition and growing your own food to take control of your food system. She is currently focusing on helping entrepreneurs thrive in their business environment by giving them the tools to create their own "power brain" as well as helping families eat well by showing them how to grow bug free, weed free, pesticide free and (almost) water free gardens.

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