Kirk Laughlin

Founder, Managing Director at Nearshore Americas

  • Latin America
  • technology
  • Outsourcing
  • Digital transformation
  • Caribbean
  • BPO
  • Customer experience

Expert Credentials

A leading authority on Latin America and Caribbean-focused digital trends, Kirk Laughlin is the founder and managing director of Nearshore Americas, based in the United States.


Kirk Laughlin is Managing Director and Founder of the Nearshore Americas – the widely respected media, research and advisory group which provides authoritative market insights on Latin America technology services and digital innovation. Since launching Nearshore Americas in 2009, Laughlin has emerged the foremost thought leader on the expansion of "Nearshore" digital transformation solutions, built and delivered in the Americas. Kirk and his team are frequently called on for data analysis, market insights and commentary for leading IT, BPO and trade investment groups in more than 16 markets tracked by Nearshore Americas. Earlier, Laughlin was a vice president and Managing Director at Ziff Davis Enterprise, a global information technology media group, based in New York City.

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