Kimberly Erwin

Owner/Executive Media Director at OneUniversal Media

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Expert Credentials

Author of a children's picture book, "A Children's Book: ENDING RACISM!" InterCultural Connect Books (an imprint of OneUniversal Media), who recently held a summit (with my recently purchased HeySummit site to help me market book since all of my in-person engagements were cancelled) for "Hudson Strong! A Summit & Social," I've given aid to the community in which I reside and grew up. My degrees earned at top U.S. schools in English, French, TESOL, and Intercultural Communication and my knowledge base from working for Fortune 500 companies and top law firms in NYC in the past gives me the knowledge and the connections to help them succeed. My travel "street cred" comes from being an international journalist and of course, sometimes traveling for F-U-N!


I'm an educator--I've taught all ages in English (from K-12 and college courses) and English as a Second Language at Drexel University (PA). I'm a graduate of Spelman College, a premier HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) and have had the opportunity to engage personally with college presidents, NY Times best-selling authors and educators in the realm of Race & Ethnicity discussions. Single, with no children, I travel through our land with an understanding that we are all here (on this planet-in a universe) to shelter and provide for one another. To NOT do this is at our distinct disadvantage and peril. For we are--"1 World-1 Human Family."

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