Keegan Francis

CoFounder at Go Full Crypto

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Expert Credentials

- 9 years investing and participating in the cryptocurrency industry - 4 years as a personal cryptocurrency educator and coach - 4 years writing 300+ articles, guides, op eds, and news around cryptocurrency - 2 years building and developing a cryptocurrency - Graduate of Consensys Academy Solidity Development Bootcamp - Graduate of Acadia University with a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree (2015)


My name is Keegan Francis. In 2020 I converted 100% of my money into cryptocurrency in order to opt out of the world of traditional finance. This lifestyle allows me to have an in depth experience of using all of the products and services that the world of cryptocurrency has to offer. Because of this lifestyle choice, I have unparalleled experience and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, their use, and their effect on micro and macro economies.

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