Katie Hornor

Founder at Handprint Legacy

Expert Credentials

The Christian woman's business coach, Best-selling Author, International Speaker, English/Spanish bilingual, Master's degree in Education, 10+ years business/entrepreneur experience, expat in Mexico


Katie Hornor is a best-selling author, women’s business coach and international speaker. After leaving all for a ministry opportunity overseas only to have it pulled out from under them, Tap & Katie Hornor built a business and a movement in their second language among in the fastest growing market demographic in the world, changing the future of education for Hispanic families. In addition to the homeschool curriculum at Lemonahss.com, Katie has created 24 online courses, over 50 self-published books and teaches her business owner clients at HandprintLegacy.com to do the same so that they too can get their message to the world and change the future for their clients.

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