Kara Lambert


  • Psychology of Social Media
  • Motivating staff
  • Motivating Yourself
  • Overcoming Fear & Imposter Syndrome
  • Understanding what drives clients

Expert Credentials

Bachelors Degree in Psychology |
Graduate Diploma of Management (Human Resources Major)


An engaging speaker, Kara’s in-depth understanding of psychology is married with her practical experience in Management & Business. Kara’s interest began in the workforce & is reinforced by industry research in psychology. Kara takes a strategic approach to client-centred social media and the customer journey. She has an acute understanding of why client avatars don’t work. Kara’s knowledge of psychology in business is readily applied across communication platforms for all stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers). Kara holds a Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma of Management; she has been moving businesses online since 2000, including over seven years on Facebook.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
  • Training