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Creator of the Designing Oneself Transformational Performance System


I’m Justine Cécile a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Transformational Performance Coach, and Certified WildFit Coach. After decades of struggling with a chronic illness and a history of hormonal dysfunction since childhood, I took responsibility for my own health. My own journey led me to follow a path of functional medicine with a neuroscience approach to coaching. Today, I offer clarity, direction, focus, strategy and support for those wanting to design their own reality of health and happiness using a set of principles and a process, based on why I was successful, for developing their own path so they are able to feel great and can age gracefully, full of vitality and don’t have to bend to conventional norms of aging without relying on medication. Especially for women struggling with hormone imbalance and their hormone therapy isn't working.

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