Julie Fry

Podcast guest strategy and booking agency at Your Expert Guest

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  • visibility
  • mental health
  • Entrepreneurship

Expert Credentials

20 years experience managing and scaling small businesses
Built a membership from scratch to over 1000 paid members


Julie Fry is the Founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast guest strategy and booking agency. Her secret sauce is creating meaningful connections between people that become clients, collaborators, resources, mentors, and friends. She discovered this gift when she founded and ran the networking organization for women balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, Business Among Moms. She’s passionate about supporting small businesses and helping experts share their messages with larger audiences. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her walking her crazy Chihuahua-Jack Russell, having dance-offs with her kids, watching SNL with her husband or enjoying her newest hobby, gardening.

Available For

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