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Expert Credentials

*Quantum healing: Has been on panels with Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Canfield, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Lynn Mctaggert and more. Positioned as a leader in global conciousness.
*Declared Medical Miracle for self healing Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally;
*Named most successful Zumba Fitness Instructor globally on NPR
*Teaches heart led business strategies for Zumba Corp.
*Top 3 Digital Author on DAILYOM
*Named Santa Barbara Hero
*Congressional Award Recipient for Bringing Health and inspiration to community.
*LOA/Quantum Energy Expert


In 2011, professional dancer (Juiliard graduate; former Joffrey New York dancer; Alvin Ailey ; Company at Metropolitan Ballet of St. Louis and Alum of High School of Performing Arts, plus more) and new mom, Josette Tkacik was diagnosed with severe sudden onset of advanced rheumatoid arthritis, an excruciatingly painful and disabling auto immune disease for which current western medicine claims there is no cure. The only available treatment is radical and life shortening pharmaceuticals aimed (at best) to slow the progression of the disease. Ultimately Josette paved her own path, and self-healed RA without the assistance of Western Medicine. She was declared a Medical Miracle in 2016 as No Evidence of Disease could be found in bloodwork. She went on to become the Most successful zumba instructor in the world. She is a Santa Barbara Hero - Congressional award recipient and a top 3 author on DailyOM

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