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Knowledge Implementation & Success Strategist | Web Engineer & Designer! I help you implement the knowledge you acquired from your Internet course to get results. I also build amazing websites for Coaches & Small Businesses.


Joseph Hass worked as an IT Senior Network Engineer/Technical Lead for more than 10 years then moved into Satellite Communication as Customer Support Manager/Lead Engineer. During that time he learnt how to implement complex projects, deal with people effectively, prioritise his time and optimise his energy. He thought that computers and computer networks were his passion until he discovered that helping others was his superpower. He was blind to this. Individuals came to him with their issues or when they were stuck. He somehow knew how to pinpoint what was blocking them and how they could progress. This is his purpose, to help people through coaching and teaching. Now he is a Knowledge Implementation and Success Strategist. He helps highly motivated career-minded strong individuals to communicate effectively, implement their knowledge, set boundaries and manage their time to advance in their career or online business and get results. He is also a Web Engineer and Designer. He creates secure, optimised websites that work for Coaches and Small Businesses to attract their ideal clients. One of his greatest joys is helping individuals and seeing them reach their full potential.

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