John-Scott Dixon

Founder & CEO at Aidan Taylor Marketing

Expert Credentials

I've led a 100% Virtual Marketing Agency since 2004 (read as good at marketing and remote work), SVP Marketing and eCommerce for Insight (Fortune 500), VP eCommerce for Sprint (Fortune 100) + 3 Degrees in Marketing and Advertising. Also an attorney, but don't hold it against me!


I've been a professional marketer since 1994. I spent 10 years as a marketing executive for large companies. In 2004, I founded Aidan Taylor Marketing – a full-service, 100% virtual marketing agency for small businesses. We have nearly three dozen USA-based contractors (with very specific, high-level marketing skills) who assist in supporting our clients. We've literally helped 100s of small businesses grow and flourish over the years. I am a husband (in my 25th year), dad (in my 22nd year), pickleball player (addict is probably more appropriate), yogi, off-road enthusiast, mountain biker, sailor & guitarist.

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