John Ostrowski

Principal Growth Experiments at iTech Media | Co-Founder of OGs Growth Agency

  • experiments
  • growth
  • marketing
  • digital marketing
  • CRO
  • applied statistics
  • analytics
  • data storytelling
  • web to app
  • YC
  • SEO
  • UX
  • User Research
  • Decision analysis
  • strategy
  • productivity systems
  • project management
  • Jobs-to-be-done

Expert Credentials

Best Growth Campaign of 2020 award by — Coaching Growth Experiments globally at iTech — Co-Founder of Growth Agency



"Positive John is the most positive person I met in a while" From Brazil to the United States, the journey of life brought me to Hungary to graduate as a proud engineer and now to Poland to dive deep into growth experiments, the scientific method applied to business KPIs. I am positive and confident advocating Growth Experiments, clarifying the misuse of "CRO" as an umbrella term for experimentation, demystifying analytics and user research as means for decision-making, and explaining how fascinating the concept of time is and how production systems are crucial in a busy and noisy world. After navigating the exponential growth of education technology leading Conversions at Brainly, I'm now navigating the highly competitive iGaming vertical as regulations are set for global markets.