Joey Drolshagen

CEO at IFGT Life Coaching, LLC.

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Expert Credentials

-Multiple Coaching Certifications -28+ Years as the Vice President of Sales over a Major Corporation -Taken multiple businesses through bankruptcy and back into profitability -Law of Attraction Principles and Applications -Leadership Development -Mindset Mastery


As a Personal/Professional Development Coach, Author, and Professional Speaker, Joey has spent decades traveling the country, helping countless individuals move past the fears of breaking free from the daily grind, into creating a life of total freedom. Joey has taken the Universal Laws and revealed innovative, real life applications based on their principles, (which produce real results!), allowing his clients to enjoy more success and freedom on their terms, living life through their greatest vision! In addition to his infectious energy, part of the magic within this man is how he proves time and time again that living your dream life can be so EASY and FUN, and can happen faster than you might imagine, utilizing the tools and principles he teaches. And, he has hundreds of clients that are now living their dreams as evidence and testament! Joey makes a solid claim... He doesn't have your answers. Neither does anyone else, and if someone tells you they do, walk away! His true gift lies in the ability to help you access YOUR answers and apply them to your life with gusto, enthusiasm, and passion. To live the life you absolutely LOVE!



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