Jess Tiffany

CEO at MNU Digital

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He is a #1 International Best Selling Author (Growth Hacking: Strategically Grow Your Business Connections from Zero to 10K in 365 Days), Marketing Strategist, C.E.O. of MNU e-learning and MNU Digital (Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency). Featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Huffington Post etc. etc. Jess gives keynotes and training on marketing, specializing in B2B LinkedIn and Personal Branding.


My first real selling opportunity is when at about age 8, I conned the Pastor's wife at church to let me sell Avon to all the Grandma's at church. I just smiled and they spent money. 😃 Over the years I have been blessed to work with amazing people. I have worked with network marketing, sold cars, cell phones and just about anything else I could get my hands on. Later I had the opportunity to own the Marketing and Networking University it allowed me to combine my education knowledge from my time at 3M with my lifelong sales and marketing passion. This led me to start to grow a personal brand, publish over 200 books on Amazon KDP, with 30k books+ sold, appearing on podcasts etc. Growing MNU, I realized that online courses were helpful, however many people desired to have someone to step up and do the work them. This is how our full-service marketing agency was born. Needing to find experts to teach these courses is what led me to become a LinkedIn expert, an International Best Selling author and then a personal branding connoisseur. Now I get the exciting opportunity to be a LinkedIn trainer, keynote speaker, Influence Creator and share my knowledge with companies, associations. Plus I work privately with executives to improve their LinkedIn Strategies.

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