Jayson Phillips

Expert Credentials

Currently a Director of Engineering for an education company, software engineer with over 17 years experience (2+ as a manager), and also 2+ years experience as a Bootcamp instructor for Web Development and Data Visualization.



From LinkedIn:I'm an experienced software engineer and team leader with experience working in media, marketing, ad tech, education and finance. Passionate about technology, software engineering, personal growth, making tech accessible and equitable (through mentorship with programs like CODE2040, teaching at places like UC Berkeley Extension, membership and participation in organizations like /dev/color, and other types of service in the communities I live within/am a part of). My main focal points currently are honed in on where I am now in management: building effective management skills, cross-channel and cross-team communication/project management, creating an equitable, shared-ownership team environment, 360 degree mentorship and ensuring that I can be the best leader and teammate possible.

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