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Expert Credentials

Marketing, Business Development, and Fundraising, Executive Expertise for Non-Profits and Mission-Driven Companies; Former Board Chair, Board Director, Volunteer, Donor, and Advocate


Janice Dru-Bennett's goal is to change the world for the better one person, one mission at a time – as a leader, mentor, advisor, connector. // A marketing consultant and strategic advisor, Janice develops partnerships across multiple global organizations as she focuses on establishing powerful brands and developing deep relationships. // Passionate about helping make the world a better place, Janice has served as a nonprofit board director and board chair. She has also spearheaded efforts to build stronger communities by organizing educational and networking events for nonprofit executive directors as well as entrepreneurs. // A corporate leader and a startup founder, Janice has developed products and services, overseeing small projects in the hundreds to thousands of dollars as well as structuring multi-million-dollar budgets, while working closely with Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Legal, Operations, and IT departments to collaborate and drive growth. // Janice speaks some Mandarin Chinese and holds a degree in Politics with a certificate in Visual Arts from Princeton University. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Howard “Chip” Bennett and their four boys, dog, and cat. //

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